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How to Buy a Diamond

  • After working in the diamonds business for a few years, mainly in the wholesale side of the business, I see that most buyers having a hard time choosing the right diamond for themselves.
  • What I found out that most of the knowledge regarding diamond today can be found over the net and this fact is new. Only a few years ago you were not able to find any information regarding diamonds besides what your local jeweler would have told you.
  • I am not sure which one is better for you - the average buyer, since too much information can really confuse you, mainly because it is all theoretical ':' you can not see so many diamonds to compare with and to know the difference between them.
  • I can see today that many buyers read so much and they look for a specific diamond, that has so many specifications and they do not even care for the diamond's look.
  • I want to tell all of you something very important - You have too much information without the ability to examine it. If there was a diamond museum and you had the ability to judge between diamonds with your own eyes I could understand, but there is not one.
  • I am actually saying that you are not buying a space ship;you are buying an amazing and emotional gift that needs to look great.
  • Before you start reading the info part, I would highly recommend you to check my next two recommendations.
    1. You should set a budget - When setting a budget you are actually setting a limit for how much you want or can invest in a diamond.
    2. Set a 4 C's priority order - You should set a 4 C's priority order before you start the learning process and then again, examine it after you finish.
  • A 4 C’s priority order basically means that you need to decide which one of the 4 C’s is more important for you in a following order You probably already have some knowledge about diamonds now and this why I recommend you to set an order prior your reading.
  • After you are done educating yourself, I would recommend you reexamine your list and fix it if needed.
    1. I have seen many buyers that looked at a few diamonds and decided for example that a well cut diamond is more important for them, than the diamond’s color .
    2. I would recommend you to do a good reading regarding the 4 C’s and then to decide what diamond you want.