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    In process of creating awareness and confidence in consumer, we have tried to explain science of diamonds ;

    Science of the diamonds is based on Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat.


CUTverification can be done through comparison of parameters of facets. A well cut diamond will be symmetrically round, proper depth and width, and have uniformity of the facets.


CLARITYis basically inclusions in diamonds. Clarity can be categorized as following, Flawless (FL), internal flawless (IF), very very slight inclusions (VVS), very slight inclusions (VS) , slight inclusions (SI) and lowest clarity scale id Inclusion (I).


COLOR of the polished diamonds starts from Colorless (D-F), near colorless (G-J), faint color (K-M), very light color (N-R), light color (S-Z) to fancy color (Z+). In diamond trade terminology is referred in alphabet starts from D to Z.


CARAT reflects the weight of the stone, which includes depth, height and diameter of the stones