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Brown Story


  •      We supply them with both white and brown coloured polished diamonds in calibrated sizes and cuts and offer more than 2000 assortments. We offer close to 2000 different polished assortment numbers. Brown and Coloured diamonds account for 1600 assortment numbers and white goods account for 400. We offer 25 different shades, 23 for Brown and Coloured goods and 2 for white. As we offer the most comprehensive range of Brown diamond shades and assortments along with a variety and flexibility, range of Brown diamond shades and assortments along with a variety and flexibility, we are widely recognized as a 'One stop shop' supplier.

  •     Our polished grading system conforms to internationally accepted standards. We provide precise and consistent ranges of polished assortments to our customers and respond quickly to any changes in requirements through our wide range of assortment in colours and purity.

  • The variety and range of our assortments allows our customers to match their exact requirements in terms of realizing the quality and appeal of the specific jewellery pieces they manufacture.

  • We manufacture fancy shapes, Marquise, Baguettes, Pears, Tapers etc in Coloured and Brown shades

  • Brown coloured natural diamonds have their own aesthetic appeal and grown numbers of consumers are attracted by the appeal of something unusual which retains the diamond mystique We believe we have significantly contributed to driving consumer demand in this range of diamonds across the world by reliably creating standardized assortments which have given jewellery manufacturers the confidence to be creative and ambitious in their development of appealing collections. We played a major role in dispelling the previously held perception that brown diamonds were inferior and encouraging the feeling that they are complementary and a valuable extension to jewellery manufacturer collection and the diamond dream.